Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Day 4- Typical Tuesday- at least I hope so

I have to remind myself that we are still easing in, enjoying the honeymoon period, the tasks are not yet too demanding and there will be many greater challenges in the long, yet quick, year to come, because the learning in my classroom feels so routine already. It has a natural flow that feels like it has never been any other way. Today was what I hope will be a typical Tuesday, or any day for that matter, and as usual it began with a meditation.

I began with my homeroom before our first French class and it was a lovely start to the day. Student A put his head down and just about everyone else sat up straight. Student C persisted in following the breath count, along with many others, who were less obvious. Student B persisted in subtly trying to distract Student C and call attention to himself to the point where I stood beside him in the latter half of the meditation, which did the trick.

After the meditation, before we got to work, I took a moment to commend their efforts in following the breath count and sitting straight in their chairs. We briefly talked about the new research around the dangers of sitting and the importance of sitting correctly and the benefits they are sure to reap. Then we got to work. It was a good start to a good day.

My switch class came to my room for the last period of the morning, after band/exploratory and gym for our first French class of the year. I was in a great mood when I arrived in the room, as during my prep I had booked a bunch of field trips for the year, including The Forks and monthly visits to the Millennium Library, which gives me much to look forward to. I shared the news with the class before we began.

Despite all of our general excitement, the meditation was calm and quiet. Once again, as we began just about everyone in this class put their head down and there was silence in the room. I stressed how to straighten the back even with the head down and the 4 minutes and 38 seconds came and went.

As did the rest of the class and the afternoon. I hope there will be more Tuesdays like today.

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