Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday, Monday

Another week and another Monday, the same, yet different, than many Mondays before- the continuing evolution of our learning and my students' growth as learners. We are back to regular timetabling for most of the week and getting into the heart of our learning, through writing and research, together with the rest of our subjects. It takes focus and determination and I have no doubts our students will follow through.

I started the morning with my class for one period of French, so our Monday meditation was a quick track, just under six minutes. Everyone seemed more alert than last week, still tired, but not completely exhausted. It seemed everyone was happy to put their heads down and take a few minutes to breathe.

The just about six minutes were quiet and completely uneventful, which made for a lovely start to the morning. Student A was a little restless at first, lifting his head and banging his fingers, but once I stood beside him and gently encouraged him to relax, then he did. He put his head down where it stayed for the rest of the meditation.

It was a regular Monday, make the most of the day, meditation and as we all sat in silence, I took a few breathes and breathed in my positivity and energy for the day ahead. I felt refreshed and ready for the day as I closed the meditation and I hoped everyone else did too. Based on their focus in French it was good start.

My switch class came after gym in period 4 for their French class and the meditation I guided was pretty much the same as earlier in the morning, and as usual it was just a little less quiet than it had been earlier. Everyone settled quickly and no one got up to leave. I noticed Student 2 has started to give the breathing another chance, sitting up straight and following the breath count beside my breather.

Student 1 was fidgety, playing with a bottle first, and then looking around as I returned to stand beside him and tried to help him relax. Usually he settles when I stand beside him, but today my presence seemed to bother him more. So I gave him a look and walked away, and he quieted enough that he did not bother anyone else and I didn't have to go back. I took my spot in the circle.

As they had earlier in the morning, the minutes passed quickly and the track soon ended. I closed the meditation and we finished up the last class of the morning.

Then when I managed to get some time in the library for our writing in the afternoon, I was elated. It made for a very smooth and productive start to the week and our writing. I hope the rest of the week goes as well and I can get more time in the library. I know we are starting our day there tomorrow so it is a good start.

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