Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 21- Thursday, early morning, late afternoon

Back to school for Day 3. I began with my switch class and I was finally able to get some time in the library for them to do some writing so I met them there. My class had taken a couple of minutes longer to get going and when I got to the library they were already sitting at the tables, with a few on the beanbag chairs. I wanted them to login to the computers before we meditated, as they take a few minutes to load, but since they were already sitting, I thought it best not to disrupt the flow, and we got started right away.

Our library has four large round tables that seat four when students are working, but are big enough to accommodate more, and today two of the tables were occupied by three or four boys, with the others sitting in the beanbag chairs around the periphery. Two girls were away. two more were sitting together at one table, and huddled together around the other table we the rest of the girls, about eight of them.

We started the meditation pretty quickly as they were pretty much ready to go. The library technician was away today and there was nobody else in the library. It was quiet before we even started and the effects of the library lights dimming still has an impact- everyone settled into the meditation very quickly.

The first couple of minutes were uneventful and quiet. The boys in the beanbag chairs didn't move at all, my breather and his friend were both breathing along with the count even though they were sitting at different tables, and Student 1 was less fidgety, perhaps offset by the different location. The girls at the same table, several of whom like to look around, were looking around as usual, but today at the same table, they were looking around at each other more.

For the first two or three minutes their glances subtle. It was pretty still as we prepared to write, inhaling the confidence to let the words come and exhaling the fear, the second guessing of words and doubting if they are good enough. As we moved into the silence, the girls' glances turned to giggles and the table became a little more restless.

I moved over to their table and gave the girls a few looks, which was enough of a reminder to contain the disruption, and while I wasn't going to let them disturb everyone else, I was heartened by the joy they were sharing, the friendships they are building, and community they are finding in their classroom. It brings a whole new level of connection to meditations and classroom learning.

The day flew by and our students were so into the flow of Social Studies and their text work that we didn't even stop to breathe. I didn't see my class again until the last period of the day for French. During gym in period 6 they had done their 12 minute run. As I pointed out to them when they sat down, some were happy and pumped from the run and it had been the best part of their day, and sitting down to meditate is their own particular kind of torture. For others, the run had been the worst torture they would endure, and they were now coming to the meditation as the best part of the day. For a few, they could really enjoy both and they are really lucky and could take the time to be grateful. Wherever they were at, they needed to be respectful of everyone else in the room.

It was pretty much an afternoon meditation, mostly quiet, but in large part because I spent most of the meditation in proximity of Student B and his buddies. I urged them and everyone to relax, inhaling the positivity to make the last class productive, and exhaling the negativity that distract and disrupts. The boys did finally relax into enough stillness that I sat down and joined in the silence, and a few quiet breaths. It was a nice way to start the last class to end the day.

Now I can look forward to Friday. Enjoy yours!

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