Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Day 27- Tuesday before the Library

Our third field trip, our first of what will be monthly visits to the Millennium Library, Winnipeg's downtown library, and it is already becoming routine. Excitement balanced with awareness, coming together in the morning, meditating to get focused and grounded, gathering our stuff, getting on the bus, going to the library, working- today a scavenger hunt, meeting for lunch, meeting again, library time in the afternoon, meeting for the final time, getting on the bus and going back to school, reflecting and closing the day together. It was a good day and a good sign for our visits ahead.

We all met in Mr. Y's room after attendance and everyone got settled very quickly. My class found space among the other class, Student A joined his buddy and both of them put their heads down and were surprisingly quiet. My fidgeter is less fidgety when we are in the larger group, as he watches me deal with the others- maybe he is just happy it is not him. Student B had placed himself near the front, where he sits in this class and is working to be successful, and was again today.

The annoyances occurred with my breather's buddy, who was seated across from one of Student B's friends, one who has a way of getting involved in any action that happens in our room, although never seemingly intentionally. Today as we started he turned his chair so he could put his head down, but didn't do that in the end. Instead, he and my breather's friend spent time looking at each other.

As always that weren't noisy, or disruptive to anyone but each other, and only annoying to me. My breather kept his eyes closed, his back straight and kept on breathing, and everyone else was relaxed in the meditation. I moved around the room as I gave the usual prompts, the breath count, and then we inhaled our calm and ability to make good choices, and exhaled the excess energy and excitement that distracts us and blocks those choices, but kept coming back to stand by them,

As we moved into the silence, they seemed to have settled and were finally leaving each other alone and so I went to sit down in an available chair on the other side of the room. I closed my eyes, but sensed restlessness and opened them a moment later, to see the boys making eyes and signals at each other. I got up and went to stand beside them, where I stayed, and they we quiet, for the rest of the meditation.

I wasn't impressed, but tried to breathe as I stood with my eyes closed, and realized if this was the worst of my problems then things were pretty okay. And we were on our way to the library, so the meditation wasn't perfect, and neither was the day, but all in all it was pretty okay too. It was a good start to our visits with 7 more in the months to come, It will be interesting to see what they, and the rest of this five day week, will bring.

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